Specialized skills required

Not just anyone is qualified to design and install an automatic sprinkler system. An overview of the tasks involved reveals the specialized skills needed:

  • Fire protection needs assessment for the building
  • Analysis of applicable codes and standards
  • Identification of various appropriate systems, and recommendations on ideal systems and components
  • Identification of various appropriate systems, and recommendations on ideal systems and components
  • Assessment of the water supply (flow, pressure, reliability)
  • Identification of areas to protect and calculation of sprinkler density
  • Hydraulic calculations to determine pipe dimensions and network pressure loss
  • Installation, commissioning and verification of the system.

CMEICI members are qualified to design and install sprinkler systems that comply with good practices. They are able to determine the most appropriate system for the type of building in question and its planned use, perform the many calculations related to hydraulic load and the layout of pipes and sprinklers, and work closely with all project stakeholders, such as fire departments and municipal Public Works employees.

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