Automatic sprinkler systems

Automatic sprinkler systems are designed to quickly and effectively battle the “fire triangle.”
First and foremost, fire is the product of a chemical reaction that requires three elements:

  1. Fuel (a carbon-based material);
  2. Oxygen (usually from the air);
  3. Heat.

The fuel reacts with the oxygen under the influence of heat. The hotter the temperature, the more explosive the situation becomes. If a fire is not contained quickly, it triggers a lethal cycle that threatens the lives of occupants and the integrity of the building.

Automatic sprinkler systems are designed to eliminate or control the heat source, thus preventing the situation from getting out of hand. Consisting of an overhead network of pipes fitted with closed sprinklers, these systems are automatically triggered when the temperature rises enough to activate the heat-sensitive element in just one sprinkler head.

Advantages of an automatic sprinkler system

  • Activates automatically (without human intervention) within the first few minutes of a fire breaking out
  • Sends an immediate, automatic alert to the local fire department
  • Improves the chances of survival by limiting the spread of flames and the production of smoke
  • Limits damage to the building
  • Limits the risk of financial loss due to shutdowns in the case of a workplace fire
  • Generally lower insurance premiums for buildings protected by an automatic sprinkler system

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