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Admission conditions to become a corporation member

To become an eligible corporation member, a candidate must fill some criteria. Those will be review by corporation administrators to accept the application
A candidate must:

  •  The proper specialized contractor licence issue by the Regie du Batiment du Quebec.
  •  Have at his employment a supervisor having at least 20,000 hours of this field experience and who hold a competence certificate in construction site security.
  •  Employ qualified sprinklers mechanics and apprentices to install, modify, repair, and provide inspection and service on fire sprinklers installations.
  •  Must be able (or his supervisor) to execute acceptable conception work for approval drawings organisms.
  •  Must have a business place in province of Quebec and operate actively a fire sprinklers contractor business.
  •  Produce a written application request to the corporation secretary.
  •  Produce a letter from a sponsor who is corporation’s member.

Rights and dues

The application fee is $50.00 and the minimum annual due is $600.00. The due is based on a contribution of $0.09 per man/hour of work and is due the 15 of the following month at the corporation office with a copy of CCQ report. The first $600.00 is considered as the minimum annual due. Also, the corporation may request for an annual special due of $500.00 payable in one or four instalments. You must add all applicable sale taxes to any rights and dues.


Application form

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